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How big are SecretSnafu air fresheners?

Most styles are different in shape and size, but as a general rule, the air fresheners are around 8cm tall by 7cm wide. This is the rough size of most hanging air fresheners you can buy - we did not want them to be obstructive to a drivers view, but obviously large enough for people to see!

How long do SecretSnafu air fresheners last?

Our air fresheners are manufactured like almost all hanging car air fresheners, as fragrance-infused paperboards that fill your vehicle with a magical scent. There is not a lot of science behind how these are made, therefore there is only so much scent that the product can emit before it loses its effectiveness. Our experience is around three weeks of strong fragrance, at which point the effectiveness will decline. The awesome design however can continue to hang in its almightiness, and you will continue to receive countless comments on how awesome your air freshener is.

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